Wednesday, June 23, 2010

our get-away...

I wanted to share our little family get-away that we are blessed with. Drew folks restored a rental property that they've owned for a while. It is north of Tupelo and sits on the historical Brice's Crossroads Battleground of the Civil War. I'm not sure what year the house was built but they've had fun getting this little house and filling it with treasures they find at antique auctions. This picture is from the front of the house.

The pieces in the house are so beautiful and it's so far out in the country that you feel like you could hear a pin drop. We stay there each time we go to Tupelo. It is not occupied so we have the whole place to ourselves!

Isn't this the coolest lamp!?

Centuries ago, that whole area was underwater. One day, Drew's mom found these fossilized type rocks/shells and started picking them all up. You can click on the picture to enlarge.

This is the back porch. Very peaceful to just sit and watch the cows. The old slave quarters were behind the house too but they tore them down recently. They were beyond restoring..

This is the newest purchase at auction...A massive concrete bench that weighs a ton I'm sure!

One of my favorite pieces! Aunt Jemima Cookie jar. I found this on eBay for her...pretty sure it's not an original, but looks good in the kitchen.

This is the room Hannah likes to sleep in when we go.

LOVE the kitchen. My favorite is the window seat that looks out of the back of the house.

Dining room table....leather chairs are gorgeous!

This bed is so beautiful! I always think Hannah will want to sleep in it but she likes to sleep close to the room that we sleep in. It's called an angel bed. Papaw calls it the Michael Jackson bed! LOL!! Someone told her a scary story once about the house and a cemetery that is close to the house. Maybe one day she will want to sleep in the angel bed.

I love this chair...but it's so low to the ground! Wonder why? There's bound to be a name for it.

isn't this piano gorgeous!?

This is the room we sleep in. It takes me forever to go to sleep cause I stare at the green canopy. It's so pretty. The mattress was custom made for this bed..



Stephenie said...

WHAT A GREAT HOUSE!!!! I would love staying there, too...thanks for the tour!

Junebug said...

Love it!!

Barbara said...

The house is wonderful! The furnishings magnificent! What a blessing to be able to stay in such a gorgeous place!!

Lindsey said...

Can I go with you next time?! I absolutely LOVE it! I like old style anything.

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